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DOWNLOAD - SKARLA - Admin/Dashboard Theme

Yazar: manhunt Tarih 15-01-2017, 09:08
DOWNLOAD - SKARLA - Admin/Dashboard Theme


SKARLA Admin/Dashboard Theme with a minimalist design and light UI will let you build an amazing and powerful application with great UI. Perfectly designed for large scale applications, with detailed step by step documentation.

It is built based on the latest standards and recommendations. It is powered by Bootstrap framework 3+, which is currently one of the most popular framework in the world.


SKARLA Admin/Dashboard Theme has 3 versions. Descriptions of each can be found below:

HTML/CSS/JS - it is great for programming languages such as PHP, Ruby and others. Gulp Version.
Starter Dev. - this is a clean Starter version of Skarla Dashboard. This base project can be quickly attached to any web application based on HTML/CSS/JS, or to start a new project. Suits well for technologies such as PHP / Java EE / Ruby on Rails / Django / ASP.NET / Meteor etc.
SCSS Styles - styling of the app is enhanced by the .scss language, which makes maintenance clean and painless.

SKARLA Admin/Dashboard Theme has a huge collection of components that can be used in a great number of combinations and variations. It can be used in all types of custom web applications such as CRMs, CMSs, Admin Panels, Admin Dashboards, etc.

More than 20+ Layout Variations - a multitude of possibilities to rearrange the layout, allows to customize the look of your application just as you imagined.
10 Available Sidebars - such as Slim, Big Icons, with Avatar, with Charts and Progressbars simplifies navigation for each user.
Applications - applications ready, allows you to save time and focus on project development.
UI Components - we offer you a large number of UI components; fully ready for changes that will customize them for your needs.
Responsive Design - fully adapted to your application, exactly well presented on the desktop, a tablet or smartphone.
More than 180+ Unique Pages designed to make use of them directly in your application.
Statistics for this Theme

10 Various Sidebars
Over 20+ Layout variations
11 Dashboards
Over 30+ Apps
180+ Pages
30+ UI views for Photoshop
Fully Responsive Application
Preprocessor SCSS
5 Charts Libraries
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