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DOWNLOAD - Circloid - Responsive Admin Template

Yazar: manhunt Tarih 11-06-2017, 08:59
DOWNLOAD - Circloid - Responsive Admin Template

Circloid 2.0 is a fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap and inspired by Material Design. It takes a minimalistic approach to design and coding which makes Circloid 2.0 beautiful, simple and easy work with.

It if fully documented allow with helpful comments within the code in case you just want to dive straight in.

The blank page gives you a perfect canvas to build your admin interface for your eCommerce administrator, Inventory Management System, CMS, Project Manager System and anything you wish.





Bootstrap :
JQuery -
JQuery UI -
JQuery Easing -
iCheck -
Custom Scrollbar -
Excanvas -
JQuery Mousewheel -
iTouch Punch (fix for touchscreens) -
RetinaJS -
Modernizr -


Bootstrap Validator -
CKEditor -
Easy Pie Chart -
Flot Chart -
FullCalendar -
JQVMap -
DataTables -
Bootstrap DateTime Picker -
Bootstrap Multiselect -
Bootstrap Tags Input -
Dropzone -
jQuery Bootstrap Wizard -
Bootstrap TouchSpin -
Jquery Mask Input -
Powerange Slider -
Switchery Toggle Switcher -
Toastr Notifications -
MomentJS -
Prettify -
TypeAhead -

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